Light Art Projects Gelsenkirchen

The next edition of the GOLDSTÜCKE project will take place from 2 – 6 OCT 2024 in Gelsenkirchen-Buer.

The GOLDSTÜCKE Light Art Projects are a decentral exhibition program organized by the City of Gelsenkirchen’s Department of Culture. They have been held regularly since 2019.

For the GOLDSTUECKE, art projects that work with light or light-based media as artistic material are on display, spread across the city center of Gelsenkirchen-Buer. They use luminous materials such as fluorescence, halogen, laser or LED as well as the dialogical properties of light such as light and shadow, reflection and transparency, the light-drawing media of photography and film as well as digital media.

The regular locations include the Goldbergpark, the Kunstmuseum, the Robinienhof, the Schauburg, St. Urbanus, the Werkstatt für Kunst und Kultur, etc. All artists choose locations that they also see as part of their visual material. All positions are either developed for the location or adapted to fit it perfectly. The project name refers to the inner-city green space “Goldbergpark”, which was the central location in the first few years.

Bettina Pelz is the artistic director. The internationally active curator from the Ruhr region specializes in light in visual arts and has been developing art projects in public spaces for 25 years.

2019 — 2022